Republic Chophouse Careers!

Company Benefits

Available to all employees after 90 days of service. We match 4% when employee deducts 8% or more.
Health Insurance
Available to full time employees working 30+ hours per week. 50/50 premium split – individual or family coverage for salaried positions and hourly positions – HSA available.
ServSafe, CPR certification, wine product training, on going server training, meat product training – available to all employees at no cost.
We are growing and expanding – would love to have you part of our team.
Employee Discounts
All employees are offered a 25% discount when you dine with us.
Neither of us are mind readers. We listen, we talk – daily.
Tuition Reimbursement
$500 per semester for Restaurant Industry Specific classes (hospitality, culinary, business related courses). $250.00 per semester for Non-Industry Specific classes (trades, literature, psychology, etc). Maximum of $500 per semester. Must maintain a B average or higher in course.